1:1 Coaching

I truly believe it's your time to shine.

To build your business and create a life you love you need to know the right steps to take at the right time. I know it can feel so overwhelming figuring out what to do next when there’s ALL the things to do!

In this 1 hour of POWER, we will identify the clear actions you need to take next to start creating the life of your dreams and propel your business forward.

Use this session to get advice, review content, build strategies or work through mindset blocks. Whatever you need! This is your time and I am here to back you every step of the way.

Let’s set you up with momentum for massive success!



Whether it’s running them, hosting them or teaching you how to create a profitable one; I love retreats! They are the perfect combo of my business focus; business, travel and self-care. Getting to work from amazing places, spending time with incredible people and expanding your mind to the opportunities available to you. Retreats have become a core offering in my business! Join me in my next incredible location or come and learn how to create the retreat of your dreams for your lovely clients. Get all the info here!



I'm a passionate, professional and lovelly speaker. I bring energy, enthusiasm and expertise to your event.

When emceeing, I help the guests shine. When I'm speaking, I give value and guidance that inspires and motivates. Whether it's an intimate room, a big conference or the virtual stage, I will bring my all. From masterclasses to panels, podcast interviews to keynote delivery. I love engaging with audiences.

Speaker topics:

- How I run my business & travel the world

- Running Profitable Retreats

- Self Care & prioritising your mental health, sharing my lived experience.


Personal Brand Photoshoots

When you invest in your personal brand, it shows.

Quality photos of you, as you are, can build trust, attract the audience you want and give you the confidence you need to put yourself forward!

Partnering with the incredibly talented photographer, Jade Warne, we offer personal brand photoshoots in a supportive and fun environment. Get your best photos ever and magnetically attract your audience. See our upcoming group shoots or book a private photo ad video session so we can create magic for you.


How To Live and Love Your Brand Course

Feeling a bit lost and disconnected? Not sure how to talk about yourself or convey what you’re really trying to achieve?

Get ready to be inspired and share your unique message with the world – join the How To Live and Love Your Brand Course today.

In this 8-module self paced online course you’ll gain clarity by reconnecting to who you are, confidence to show up, and the tools and skills to increase your connections for greater opportunities in business and life!


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