Run a profitable business, travel the world and live a life you love, NOW!

My new book, The Art of Bleisure, invites you into my world combining the things I love, while sharing our experiences along the way.

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Hello lovely,

I’m Emma Lovell and my mission is to live a life I love and to help others do the same. As a coach, speaker and writer, I’m here to motivate, inspire and encourage you to go after the life of your dreams while harmonising business, travel and self-care.

Through coaching, photoshoots, speaking and retreats - I share how I run a business that I love, travel the world with my little family and prioritise the life I want to live. I do believe it’s a choice and it’s time to choose you! It’s time for you to shine.

I’ll bring my 14 years of business experience, 18 years of solo travel expertise and my focus on self-care, to give you the tools to start the journey towards your dreams. My highest value is freedom, and I want to share this with you too. Ready for the adventure to begin?

Want to build a profitable business, travel the world & live a life you truly love? 

But you might be asking "what does a life I love look like"?

Well, it could be:

  • Living in an oceanfront property and falling asleep to the sound of waves at night 

  • Working less and being truly present with my kids 

  • Buying an old boat, renovating it and running it as a luxury charter

  • Visiting every UN recognised country while running a wildly successful business 

  • Writing a book that captures my story and inspires others to share their truth 

  • Taking my parents overseas on that holiday they dreamed of but never went on

  • Purchasing a little red motorbike called Miss Scarlett to cruise the mountain roads 

  • Taking Wednesdays off for lunch and pamper sessions with my fellow entrepreneurs

  • Driving round our beautiful country in a caravan with our kids

  • Being able to go to the theatre any night and get the best seats in the house

  • Going away for weekends with my family and leaving my laptop at home!

If any of these are calling to you, then come on over and discover the ways you can work with me!


The Art of Bleisure

Travel the world,

make money,

and live a life you love,


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The choice to do, be and have what you want.


To spark ideas, creativity and excitement in others.


Because if it’s not fun, why do it?!


To change lives and leave a legacy.


We work for ourselves to have freedom, not simply create a job for yourself. I can support you to build a profitable and sustainable business that allows you to travel more and do what you truly love. Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed. Start living the live you love… NOW.


Whether it’s writing about it, speaking about it or doing it - I love travel! With 65 countries under my belt and a mission to visit all UN recognised countries, I’m here to experience and share it all! You can also join me on retreats or work with me to build your own!


Putting yourself first is the only way to live a life you love. Self-care is not selfish. It’s essential. Let’s talk openly about this and prioritise it. You can be a nurturer, loving generous and kind - while taking care of yourself and your needs. I’ll empower you to choose you!

Discover how to harmonise your business while exploring the world and taking care of yourself!


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I'm based in the Gold Coast, Australia and acknowledge the Yugambeh people as the traditional owners on this land. I pay my respects to elders past and present and recognise their ongoing connection to land, water and culture. 

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