The Emma Lovell Show

Welcome to The Emma Lovell Show, a place where we talk all about living a life you love NOW. I’m your host, Emma Lovell, and my #1 value is FREEDOM. I’ve spent the last 14 years running a business and travelling the world, and now I take my husband and toddler along for the adventure too!

It’s possible and I know you can create a life doing what you truly love as well. This podcast will inspire, motivate and encourage you to go after your dreams. To create a life you love, and to live it now - not wait for retirement or “some day” in the future.

I’ll be talking about how I harmonise business, travel and self-care. I’ll also bring on incredible guests to share their journeys - the wins, the challenges and how they’re creating a life they love!  

Let’s jump in and get dreaming. This is a space for you to manifest a live you love.
Let’s go!

Join me weekly and learn how I harmonise business, travel, family and self care for a life I truly LOVE!

My mission is to motivate, inspire and encourage you to do the same.

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Want a bit of Lovelly on your podcast?

With three podcasts out in the world, you can bet that I love talking! I love sharing my experiences and engaging audiences through this fabulous medium. And I'd love to connect with your audience too. 

I'll bring my sparkle, energy, 14 years of business experience and 18 years of travel escapades to your show. Engaging conversations, powerful insights and inspiration for your audience to go out there and live a life they love.