Whether it’s running them, hosting them or teaching you how to create a profitable one; I love retreats! They are the perfect combo of my business focus; business, travel and self-care.

Getting to work from amazing places, spending time with incredible people and expanding your mind to the opportunities available to you. Retreats have become a core offering in my business!

Join me in my next incredible location or come and learn how to create the retreat of your dreams for your lovely clients. 

Rest & Receive - Sri Lanka 2-7 Nov 2024

Open the door to incredible opportunities on this all-inclusive, luxury retreat exclusively for leaders who are ready to attract the work and life they want!

Awaken your senses and join me for 5 inspiring nights in sensational Sri Lanka for the Rest & Receive Retreat, November 2024. Disconnect from the day to day and immerse in this exotic culture while reconnecting with yourself. Share this luxurious experience with 12 amazing people from around the world who you'll form amazing connections with, making memories to last a lifetime.


Retreat to Riches

A program that teaches you how to run PROFITABLE retreats!

Calling all founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Ready to take your business to the next level?

Join me in discovering the secrets to creating transformative and profitable retreat experiences.

Whether it's at a 1 day workshop, a private online coaching package or a VIP day in the location of your choosing, we will have a total blast planning the retreat of your dreams.

You’ll gain expert insights into defining your retreat niche, crafting compelling programs, and pricing strategies for profitability.

Plus, you'll join a supportive group of like-minded retreat organisers, sharing ideas, and receiving personalised feedback on your retreat plans.

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