How To Live and Love Your Brand Course

Show up and make an impact with your personal brand!


Do you find it difficult to talk about yourself when it comes to your business?

Does the thought of promoting yourself fill you with dread?

Are you lacking the confidence to share who you are?

Then it’s time to start living and loving your brand!


This 8-week program will help you to reconnect with YOU and share the uniqueness that is your very own personal brand.

Guided by the "lovelly" Emma, you and your fellow course participants will support each other to identify your best self, keep showing up and achieve clarity and direction.


Did you know? 

Each and every one of us has a brand, however, not many people know how to truly communicate that. This course will help you to share your message and mission with the world and connect with your audience.


Now is the time to work on yours!! 

Does this
sound familiar?

  • You’re amazing at what you do but people just don’t know where to find you or how to connect with you. 

  • You know that having your voice out there is important, but you aren’t sure how to position yourself.

  • You're looking at what everyone else is doing and doubting yourself, imposter syndrome and comparison(itis) are creeping in.

  • You’re getting overwhelmed by all the roles, titles and things that you do in your life and you’re not sure where you fit or how to categorise yourself.

  • You want to make a change and you know that support is the only way to help you get yourself out there!

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YOU are your brand!
It’s time to share it and start showing up as YOU!


You’re ready to make a change when …

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You’re unsure of how to talk about yourself

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You’re feeling disconnected from you who you are

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You don’t know what step to take next


How to Live & Love Your Brand

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An 8- week online course that will help you to share your message and mission with the world. You'll gain clarity about how to talk about who you are, the confidence to show up, and the tools and skills to increase your connections for greater opportunities with your business. 


Imagine how it would feel to:

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Share your message with confidence and clarity

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Understand how to get your brand out into the world

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Have the tools and strategies to consistently show up for your audience

So, let’s look at what you’re going to learn

  • Gain clarity about how you’re coming across in the market and understand how to present your brand
  • Build confidence and feel reconnected to who you are
  • Learn how to share your message consistently
  • Understand your target market and how to speak directly to them
  • Write a core set of messages to help you communicate your brand effectively
  • Build a clear strategy for where to share your messages and when
  • Increase your connections with people who align with your values and your vision, by being clear about who you are - you can attract what you want in work and life
  • All with the guidance of personal branding coach Emma Lovell in 8 powerful modules that you'll have access to for 12 months!
Ready to show up & make an impact?

The results speak for themselves...

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Having worked in similar spaces with Emma for a number of years I was aware of the energy and commitment she puts into her making each and every one of her projects a success. Being part of her Live and Love Your Brand program essentially made me one of her projects and I massively benefited from that trademark energy and commitment of hers. I went into the program frustrated with the gap between knowing what I am good (even great) at and articulating that in my own marketing messages. I came out of the program with a number of tangible outputs that I am able to adapt to use in my marketing messaging, on my website and most importantly - in my own head. The members of my intake were a varied group, but Emma's inclusive style of coaching created a really positive learning environment and some splendid rapport. I definitely recommend this course to anybody who struggles to toot their own horn and wants to become a rockstar horn tooter in their own right.

Alison Hallworth
Content Consultant

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The How to Live & Love Your Brand program gave me the confidence to say, I don't want to retire. I have all of this knowledge and I want to continue to use it. When I worked with Emma I felt a connection and I knew I could trust her. Because personal branding needs trust. You need to gain the confidence and you want somebody that listens to you, but also pushes you along a bit and says yes, you can do this! And I found that in Emma and this program! It was an amazing, amazing experience. All I can say is more people should do it. Thank you Emma, you gave me confidence.

Lynne Bartlett
Freelance Drama Consultant


Here's what to expect...

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What is personal branding?

We'll cover:

  • Why your personal brand is important
  • What really counts in a first impression
  • The elements that make up your brand
  • How to build your brand
  • The difference between business and personal brand, and what to work on when!
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Getting to know you!

We'll cover:

  • Personality tests and what they say about you
  • Dive deep with questions we haven’t asked ourselves for a long time, or ever
  • Start to practice writing as ourselves
  • Ask our friends and family for their insights - don’t worry, it’s fun!
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Brand Audit

Understanding where you are to know where you're going!

We’ll cover:

  • Googling yourself
  • Reviewing your digital presence
  • Reading into personality tests and how our profiles can help us
  • Pulling together our insights into a helpful guide
  • The skills to repeat this process in the future
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Understanding your Target Market

Because when we speak to everyone, we actually speak to no-one!

In this module you’ll:

  • Learn how to use past experiences to understand your ideal client
  • Recognise red flags
  • understand the pain points of your audience
  • Gather testimonials and referrals for feedback
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Creating your Key Messages

This is the time to knuckle down and work. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Goal setting
  • Writing a mission
  • Creating a vision 
  • Speaking to your audience
  • Setting your tone and voice
  • Putting words down on paper about who. you. are!
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Your Key Message Guide

We’re going to get super practical again so you can walk away with a beautiful guide all about you!

We’re covering:

  • How to get testimonials
  • Where to source your messages
  • How to refine your message
  • Practice practice practice of writing
  • How to write a bio
  • What to include to show the best of you!
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Getting your message out!

Creating a social media strategy to build a strong digital footprint.

We’ll cover:

  • What to post
  • Where to post
  • When to post
  • How to plan
  • How to schedule
  • And most importantly, how to be consistent!
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Consistently sharing your brand

Our final module is going to bring all of our learnings together to help you show up consistently for your audience. 

We’ll cover:

  • Goal setting and focus
  • Brand reviews and audits
  • Networking
  • Relationship building
  • Community support

You're also getting access to:

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Whether it’s a photographer, a copywriter, a web developer, a marketer, a social media specialist, a videographer, a virtual assistant or a graphic designer, I’ve got a little black book of experts ready to jump in and help you to get your brand out there!

Value = $859

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Don't spend hours and hours reinventing the wheel. We know what works and we're giving it to you! I’ve created some helpful guides to explain how to use social media to get your message out there. From photography to design, these guides will help you get your social media quickly “on brand”. You’ll also have easy to edit templates that you can access directly in Canva!

Value = $350

Is it your time to shine?
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  Emma is like a breath of fresh air. I was so lucky to work with Emma with my branding. I came into our session thinking that branding was a technical product, like what you wrote on your socials, or what your logo looked like. But I got so much more. Emma worked with me to help me rediscover my identity. By understanding yourself, and what drives your passion, you can better serve the world. I am working on bringing my three words ‘Adventure, Positivity and Kindness’ into everything I do and my brand has been so much stronger for it.

Carolyn McCall
Founder LPM Company

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Before working with Emma I felt unsure about my personal brand, which made it really hard to consistently show up. Being able to clearly articulate who I am and how to show up has been such a challenge but after the course, I feel like I have a clear roadmap and guidelines. Thank you Emma!

Megan Winter
Managing Director

This is for you if...

  • You’ve been feeling a little lost and disconnected from yourself
  • You know you need to be showing up more in order to attract the business you want and deserve
  • You’re committed to doing the work, to gain the tools and strategies to help you long into the future
  • You’re ready to make a change, invest in yourself and take action in your business
  • You are ready to own your story, show up more and stand in your power

This isn't for you if...

  • You want the work done for you
  • You can’t commit the time to making a change 
  • You are thinking about a business idea or just starting out, I recommend a business coach for that work
  • You want one on one coaching, this is a self-guided course
  • You are not willing to show up and share more of who you are
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Hey there, I'm Emma!

Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature. I truly live and love my brand and I want to help you to do the same!

I understand that in this ever digitalised world it can be easy to get lost in the do do do. To compare. To feel that you have to do all the things and be all the things. We are so often reducing ourselves to roles and titles, trying to fit ourselves into so many little boxes.

Well guess what? You don’t have to!

You don’t need to fit into ONE box or ONE category. It’s the combination of skills, experiences, personality and values that make YOU who you are. That is your uniqueness. Only you have walked your path. Only you can tell your story. And it is time for you to share that with the world.

I’m passionate about helping people to reconnect with who they really are and share their authentic self. I believe that when you gain more clarity, you can build your confidence and have greater connections in work and life.


Here's what you get when you join

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Access to the videos, workbooks and guides to work on your brand
(value = $2450)
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8 x Group Coaching calls where we DO THE WORK
(value = $2000)
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Lifetime updates and access
(value = $997)
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Private invitation to the Live & Love Your Brand Facebook Community
(value = $397)
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Access to my network of brand building superstars
(value = $859)
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Canva templates for social media posts
(value = $350)
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Discounted One-on-Ones
(value = $495)
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Welcome gift pack
(value = $99)
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Monthly Networking Calls (BYO drinks)
(value = $149)
When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $7,796
but you can join today for an investment of just $997



One off payment


You're covered by our guarantee.

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If you get in and within 30 days follow the steps in the How to Live & Love Your Brand course and you don't get results, we'll give you your money back.

I have complete confidence that if you show up, go all in and follow the structure, you'll have massive results!


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

It’s time for you to own your story. It’s time for you to have confidence in yourself and share your voice. People want to work with you, they just have to know where to find you! So, let's show them. It’s time to LIVE and LOVE your brand!


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to change your business & life?
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Why did I create this course?

I love seeing women stand in their power and truly own who they are!

I love supporting my clients to build confidence and to share their personal brand with the world.

I love seeing the impact it has on their business and how much they grow personally!

I love hearing women's stories and I know the world needs to hear them too!

My clients have gone on to experience opportunities they could never have dreamed of. From starting businesses to taking leadership in their own life, they have found the confidence to stand in who they are and to go wholeheartedly after what they truly want in life. And I want that for you too! IF you're ready to invest in yourself and reconnect with who you are, then JOIN NOW!


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