You're invited to the 
Rest & Receive Retreat

24 - 27 July 2024
Northern NSW

Hosted by Emma Lovell

Open the door to incredible opportunities on this all-inclusive, luxury retreat exclusively for people who are ready to attract the work and life they want!

Join me for 3 glorious nights in stunning Northern NSW for the Rest & Receive Retreat, 24 - 27 July 2024. Disconnect from the day to day and immerse in this indulgent experience while reconnecting with yourself. Share this luxurious experience with 12 amazing people who you'll form genuine connections with, making memories to last a lifetime.

I live for the magic happening during the conversations, connections and the community and that is why this is a UNIQUE business RETREAT.

So often, business conferences/ trips/ events are focused so heavily on the content. The days are full to the brim with workshops, key notes and homework. It’s all about being in action when actually sometimes all that is needed is the space to truly focus on your business. It's the time away and the expansion that we get from being outside of our day to day that the work can really be done and personally, we can grow.

Rest means to recover, regenerate, reinvigorate and restore.

Receiving means to be open and to welcome opportunities.

It is by taking the time out to rest, and relax, that you will truly be able to receive all the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you. Those big dreams, those goals, that vision for the future - it’s going to happen because you’re investing in your self care.

You will gain so much more from these three days out of your office than you could ever achieve when you‚Äôre ‚Äúin the business‚ÄĚ. This is about the future, this is about investing in you, and this is about how you can then make an impact in your life and in your world.

The Rest & Receive Retreat is your chance to create the space you need to move your business, and your life, forward.

Take Me Away

So what's included?

3 x nights accommodation

Luxurious accommodation at the spectacular Stonehill Estate on the Tweed Coast of Northern NSW. Breathtaking views, serene settings and incredible spaces for relaxation.

An experienced business & travel Coach

Emma Lovell will be there to support you through the entire experience. From the moment you say yes, through the powerful workshops and to the hug goodbye at the end - you will be supported.

All meals included

Enjoy delicious and nourishing foods, all served in our stunning surrounds. Local produce will be delivered and presented to us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

4 x Workshops

4 powerful workshops delivered by Emma Lovell where you can connect to who you are, get clear on your message and plan content that will help you show up and make an impact in the world.

Morning Daily Yoga

Relax and unwind as you move your body in these guided classes with incredible teacher, Emma Walkinshaw. Hosted at our gorgeous venue in the natural surrounds, this is your opportunity to centre and connect with yourself and the world around you.

Body Love Acceptance Workshop

Guest presenter and Life Coach Emma Walkinshaw will deliver a beautiful session on accepting and loving our selves and our bodies. Emma's true passion is in guiding women to elevate their self-awareness and self-confidence, challenging toxic diet culture, and encouraging the acceptance of their authentic selves.

Access to wellbeing and recovery space

Enjoy the serene recovery space is situated in a stunning private garden setting complete with hot tub, sauna and ice bath. Immerse yourself in the bubbling warmth of the hot tub, detoxify in the cleansing heat of the sauna, or invigorate yourself with a refreshing dip in the ice bath.

1 x 60min Strategic Coaching Call

60-Minute Strategic Coaching Call with Emma Lovell, Business + Travel & Life Coach, to set your goals ahead of the retreat.

Connection & Relationships

Three days of connection with amazing people from around the world who are also choosing to put themselves fist for big change in their lives!

World Class Photographer capturing it all

The incredible Jade Warne will be joining us to capture the experience in photo and video form. She'll be sharing some tips along the way to make your own content, and you can even book in a photoshoot with her while you're there at this stunning location at a fantastic rate!

Welcome Gift

Welcome Gift when you sign on to enhance your experience and to remember this precious time together.


Plenty of time and space to rest, connect and create! Whatever you choose - that’s what retreats are truly about.

Why Northern NSW?

Lush rainforest, rolling hills, beaches a stones throw away and an energy that can't quite be described.

This is what you'll experience in the beautiful Tweed Coast and Northern Rivers region of NSW. Fortunately, it's just 1 hour from where I live and I can't wait to share this beautiful area with you.

I've been dreaming of this location for nearly two years since I first stumbled across the Stonehill Estate. The house, the area, the region - the vibe! It just calls "retreat". 

With a wellness and rejuvenation centre built in and architecture that is simply made for connection, this was the dream location for Rest & Receive.

I've now hosted 4 of these retreats and each time, there's something magical that happens among the guests. It's about the timing, the location and the people - as well as the content - that makes it such a transformative experience. I know that Northern NSW has beautiful stories in the land itself and it's just waiting to invite us in. To hold space in this stunning setting is my honour and incredible things can happen here.

I know this magic awaits you too. That when you put your desires, your goals and your vision out into the universe, it will do all in its power to bring it to fruition. But you have to first get clear on what you want! That’s what we do here on the rest & receive retreat. 

We rest. We get clear. We ask for what we want and then … we can receive! 

I want to welcome you to this beautiful part of the world. To give yourself time and space in stunning surroundings and open the door to amazing opportunities!

I’ve never felt more myself and more truly disconnected from everything I’ve ever known than when travelling and it’s been the best experience I could ask for. We must disconnect from the world we know in order to reconnect to who we truly are and to truly know ourselves. If you’re going to do that anywhere in the world, this is the space to do it. This is where you can plan a life you love!  

What you will get from attending the
Rest & Receive Retreat:


You will have clarity on your vision and your direction. Removing the overwhelm and having a clear focus path to move forward.


You will gain connections with the incredible women attending this retreat, who are also building their brand. The power of these connections will be felt long after this retreat


The confidence to show up as you are to share your story and to make the impact in the world that you are truly here to make.


You will also get rest, which is so important for all aspects of our lives. I can guarantee these three days will be restful and resetting for your next steps in life and in business.


You will receive opportunities that you can't even imagine simply by saying yes to this business retreat. By investing in yourself, the door will open and you will receive.

So what are you waiting for?

It is time to join us on the Rest & Receive Retreat to make time for yourself, set clear goals and attract the life and work you truly want.

I want in!

Who is this for?

  • people who are ready to show up in their world, but most importantly for themselves.

  • people who want to remove the overwhelm, get clear on their¬†goals and start taking action.

  • people¬†who are willing to invest in themselves and to gift this to themselves.

  • people who need a break, a rest, some down time, some space!

  • adventurous spirits who want to share a new experience in a beautiful¬†location

  • people who want to connect¬†with like minded individuals who are also choosing¬†themselves and saying YES!

  • those who are ready to receive the abundance and opportunities that life has in store for them

  • people who want to live a life they love, NOW!

    You could be a business owner, someone who is in full time employment and seeking something outside work, running a small side business or project, or at a crossroads. People of all ages and life stages are welcome.

    If you ready the above and it spoke to you, then this is calling you and invite you!

Who's your host?

Meet Emma 

Hey there, I'm Emma ‚ÄúLovelly‚ÄĚ Lovell!

Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature. I'm living a life I love and I want to help you do the same!

I’ve been running my business for 14 years and I can tell you that I have experienced all of the above and it’s why I have brought together my passion for business & travel by hosting retreats around the world.

Through my programs, coaching, podcast and retreats, my mission is to help people to live a life they love. I believe that when you gain more clarity, you can build your confidence in choosing you and attract the work and life you truly want.

I've also been travelling for the 18 years, and I mean serious travelling. I've been to 72 countries around the world, some of which I've visited more than 13 times. But I can't go past my local region! Based on the Gold Coast, I love exploring Northern NSW and the Northern Rivers region and I know you're going to love the energy here too!

‚ÄúRest & Receive‚ÄĚ has become my mantra and I wanted to share it with you too. I‚Äôve learnt over the past few years that the do, do, do way of working - the hustle - is just not working for me. Whenever I take time out, rest and slow down - the universe delivers the most amazing opportunities to me. So I wanted to create a space where my gorgeous clients, network and other amazing leaders could come together and do the same.

This property, the amazing people who will join us and the time to focus on your own wellbeing will create magic! And I can't wait to share it with you. 

Special Guest 

Emma Walkinshaw is a dedicated Transformational Coach, Accredited Yoga Instructor, and a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women.

As the Founder of the transformative "21 Minutes of Morning Magic" and "Embody Me Program," she creates spaces for growth and self-discovery. Emma also leads the "Body Love Revolution Online Summit" and hosts the inspiring "Wholeheart Retreat" for women both in Australia and internationally. She is the author of "365 Days of Morning Magic," a daily guide to setting your intuition and embracing a life of clarity and purpose.

With a decade of coaching experience backed by ICF certification, Emma's journey in personal development and business is marked by her entrepreneurial spirit, which ignited when she launched her first business at 23. As an Accredited 200hr Yoga Instructor, she has shared her expertise through over 1,000 hours of teaching, fostering a connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Emma's true passion is in guiding women to elevate their self-awareness and self-confidence, challenging toxic diet culture, and encouraging the acceptance of their authentic selves. She empowers her clients to break free from societal standards and pursue their heart's desires, regardless of size and shape. Her impact is profound, as she has inspired her students to embark on diverse journeys, including starting businesses, writing books, discovering their purpose, initiating new careers, and fostering deeper connections. Emma Walkinshaw's work is a testament to her commitment to fostering a world where women feel empowered, confident, and aligned with their true selves.

A great all-in-one retreat with networking opportunities, chill time, brand photos and business clarity - win! Emma is a ball of positive energy and you can’t help but feel comfortable around her. Loved having the chance to bounce ideas off her and come away with clearer direction on where to go with my business.

Bec Haddad
- Content Creator

Rest & Receive retreat is a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded women who are on similar paths for self discovery. There is something about being in person in a safe space where sharing your dreams and hopes with a soundboard of other women is special. It was magical!

Leisha Major
- Change maker 

What's the plan?  

Over 3 fabulous days, we'll be taking time out from our work to disconnect from the world so we can reconnect to ourselves. Staying in a stunning house in a remotely beautiful area, focusing on what you want! There'll be plenty of time for rest and connection with the other amazing people who are attending - this is where the magic happens. But here's an idea of our itinerary.


Remember this is a time for you! 

Please give yourself the full 3nights and 3 days to truly get the most out of the experience. That means arriving to Gold Coast or Ballina Airport by midday on the 24th July so that you can make the most of our first day together. 

It also means departing on the 27th July from lunchtime onwards for your next destination or home. Please discuss your travel arrangements with Emma to ensure you arrive and depart with the full time to experience this retreat at its best.

I highly suggest that you also put on a proper out of office before you come away. That means no meetings, no calls and no work to be completed. It's just one week out of your entire year and the gift is truly in the space that is created when we make this time. The private and secluded accommodation in the heart of nature will also enforce a little bit of disconnecting from the outside world, to ensure that you reconnect to yourself.

Take this time to switch off, to truly be present and to really receive the opportunities that this retreat has to offer. I promise you will be grateful for this precious time.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Emma. What a terrific adventure. It was incredible, soul giving and life changing!

Ray Pastoors
- Founder LYF Solutions 

Surprise! Another amazing guest

Jade Warne, photographer, videographer and content creator extroadinaire will be capturing our entire retreat experience. Together we'll create amazing memories, and she'll capture all the moments.

Jade is a photographer / videographer, Instagram growth coach + speaker. She's snapped Kate Hudson, been on the phone with Beyonce but gets the biggest kick from helping other women in business supercharge their sales online through photos + videos + social that stop the scroll.

But she's also an incredibly kind, compassionate and engaging presence. Jade is a true champion of small business and once she's in your corner, she's got your back to the end. The best thing about Jade on a retreat is that she doesn't just stealthily capture content, she brings all of her beautiful energy and truly connects with each and every attendee.

Jade joined the Rest & Receive Retreat in India 2023 and had everyone back home green with envy as she captured and shared the most incredible images. Beautiful photos that we all got to treasure, and you get this gift as a bonus too!

But even better - you have the chance to book a private mini or full personal brand shoot with this incredibly talented creator. Make the most of this stunning location, your chilled out energy and invest that little bit more in yourself! I guarantee the results will be next level. Package info upon request!


Want to know what you'll experience?

The first ever Rest & Receive Retreat was held on the Gold Coast, Queensland from 31 May - 2 June, 2022. Take a little look at what our gorgeous members experienced and what they had to say about working with Emma.


So what is the investment?

 This truly is going to be an AMAZING experience that will help you to get clear on your future so you can begin living a life you love NOW! (I’m SO excited for you!)

Book now to secure one of the 14 spots available for this absolutely incredible, international opportunity.

Spots are strictly limited and after a string of hugely successful retreats and a long waitlist,
they will go fast.

Share Room x 6

Want to make fast friends? This is the room for you! Great value in the price and the friendships you'll form.

6 spots available.

$2850 + GST Upfront
5 x payments of $595 + GST

Payment Plan
Pay In Full

Twin Share x 6

Share a room with your bestie or make a new one with this popular option.

3 rooms available.

$3300 + GST Upfront
5 x payments of $750 + GST

Payment Plan
Pay In Full

Master Room x 2

Enjoy your own private room with ensuite. You'll have the space all to yourself and enjoy stunning views at this property.

Just two available so do be quick!

$4500+GST Upfront
5 x payments of $950 + GST

Payment Plan
Pay In Full

Giving back!
Charity Partner, Rafiki Mwema

Retreats are about giving back to yourself, but we wanted to make sure that we were also giving back to the people who need self care & healing the most. 

Introducing Rafiki Mwema, a gorgeous organisation that Emma has been supporting for 8 years. 

Their mission is to provide sanctuary and aid to vulnerable children in Kenya. 

Founded by Northern NSW local Sarah Rosborg, Rafiki Mwema is her passion. She fell in love with Africa in 2005, sparking a lifelong commitment. After surviving a life-altering car accident, she turned her pain into purpose, teaching herself design to support Kenyan children in need. In 2013, faced with Rafiki Mwema's potential closure, she rallied support, raised funds, and founded the Australian branch. Sarah's tireless efforts have transformed Rafiki Mwema from a rented property to Doyle Farm, which has been a haven for hundreds of children. Her vision extends beyond, aiming to break the cycle of abuse and provide a sustainable future through outreach and feeding programs.

Sarah will attend the retreat and give a presentation on understanding trauma and the importance of healing. Retreats are the perfect place to do this for ourselves, and the partnership feels like a perfect alignment of values.

We are also giving back, and will donate 10% of all revenue from the Rest & Receive Northern NSW retreat to Rafiki Mwema. 

So, there's another reason to join us for an incredible 3 days of giving to yourself and in turn giving back to communities in need.

Learn more & donate

It is time for you to invest in yourself.

It is time for you to rest.

It is time for you to truly receive.

I can't wait to see you there.