Book Launch:
The Art of Bleisure

Join me, Emma Lovell, to celebrate the launch of my first ever book at one of TWO fabulous parties.

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The Art of Bleisure Book is coming soon, as is the exciting cover reveal! 

But the release date is set:
21 August 2024

And I'm inviting you to celebrate!

About the book

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and get paid while you do it!?

You can! It's called bleisure!

And you can do it your way. I’ve been running my business for 15 years and in that time I’ve visited 72 countries around the world 🌎.

You can travel and work at the same time, it’s possible and I’m going to share all my secrets, successes and my sacrifices, to make this dream achievable.

My mission is to live a life I love, NOW, and I want to help you do the same. So often I hear people saying “one day I’ll travel” or “when I’ve achieved this in my business/ career I can go on that big trip” or “I’ll just do all the work now and then travel when I’m older.” But you know what, we don’t always get a one day or some day - the time is NOW! And you can choose to make money in a way that allows you the freedom to travel when, where and how you want.

The Art of Bleisure will inspire, motivate and encourage you to start building your work around your life - and not the other way around. I work to live, not live to work.

And my business and the diversifying of income over the past 15 years has helped me to get to what I love most - travel and explore, with and to see my loved ones.

In the book, you’ll find helpful checklists, loads of tips and ideas on how you can make it work for you, all with my first hand experience. I’ll share actual figures from my income and my travels, itineraries that worked and situations that did not! I’ll share the dream and the reality of what it takes to travel the world, make money and live a life you love, NOW. 

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Not just a book launch!

I've been wanting to write a book for 18 years and finally, this dream has come true - so it's time to celebrate.

You can join me at TWO launch events to mark this milestone.

Gold Coast
Friday 23 August 2024
Venue: Miami Marketta

Sunday 1 September 2024
Venue: Business Chicks HQ

Why these locations?
They really are my two home cities. The one I was born in, Sydney, and the one I've made my home with my little family, Gold Coast.

Why these dates?
My birthday is 20th August and when you're writing a book, you have to pick a deadline! So why not launch near my birthday and have a book launch and birthday party, all at once!

And 1 September, that marks 15 years of business for me. A milestone that could not be better celebrated than by sharing the story so far and hopefully inspiring others to go on their own journey to make money their way.

You're welcome to attend one or both! 

We'll have networking, a quick interview and history of the book with special guest MCs, and then - it's time to party! Kick on in these fabulous venues, meeting amazing people and dreaming of what a life you love looks like.

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Just 100 tickets available and strictly limited room capacity.
I'd love to have you there, so do book in early!

Gold Coast
Miami Marketta
Friday, 23 August 2024
6 - 10pm

What's included:
- Welcome drink
- Cheese board
- Lucky Door Prize
- MC: Shelly Horton
- Interview with the author
- Book Signing

Ticket + Book
Ticket only
Business Chicks HQ

Sunday, 1 September 2024
4.30 - 8.30pm

What's included:
- Welcome drink
- Canapes
- Interview with the author
- Book Signing

Ticket + Book
Ticket only

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