Why 2023 is the year I am NOT saying “yes”

Feb 17, 2023

Hey lovely,

This doesn’t seem very me I know but in 2023, I am going to be saying more NO and less YES.


Because in order to get what you truly want in life and to attract all that you desire, you have to say no to what isn’t getting you closer to your mission and vision.

For so many years of my business, 13 and counting, I was the yes girl. And not just in business. I am a YES girl, to life!

Yes to experiences.

Yes to helping.

Yes to opportunities.

Yes to business.

Yes to partnerships.

Yes to more and more and more.

What does it lead to? 

Some pretty bloody amazing experiences over the course of my life and career. 

But what can it also lead to … burnout!

I’ve often felt overwhelmed, stretched and exhausted all because I didn’t want to miss out, I wanted to make the most of every opportunity, to not let anyone down and to be seen as that ever helpful and present person.

But this is no longer serving me and it isn’t going to serve anyone else if I am just a shell of a 

human who is not excited or passionate about what I’m doing, or even able to get out of bed.

On the podcast last week I shared on my podcast (with special guest host Bec Chappell interviewing me!)  about how I’ve been Gathering Experiences. I shared how this has contributed to my journey over the years and led me to where I am today. So as much as I would never change any of the steps along the way, I am definitely learning from them and taking forward into the future what will serve me best.

My psychologist gave me this gorgeous saying many years ago and although I’ve implemented it at times and in part, I am really honouring and owning this statement for 2023.

Say no to their needs so you can say YES to yours!

I am saying YES to my mission and vision because I know that when I am clear and confident, I can better serve the people /i work with. I can deliver more by doing less. I can have the impact that I truly am here to make, and I really walk the walk that I talk about in my coaching. I am here to live and love MY brand, to live the life that I LOVE, and to help YOU do the same.

It doesn’t mean I have to be mean or rude. I can lovingly, kindly and helpfully say NO to the opportunities for work or experiences that will not contribute to me making a bigger impact.

There are so many wonderful things to come. I can feel it, but I have to create the space to do that. And you do too.

This is what my Rest & Receive Retreat is all about and I am BEYOND excited to be welcoming 12 amazing to the Kangaroo Valley tomorrow for our long awaited experience together. 

We will be focusing on what we want for our lives and in turn our work and business. We will create the space to slow down and get focused. We will have time to be ourselves and to truly connect. What a gift it will be and what an honour that I get to hold this space for all of these incredible women who chose to invest in themselves.

You can too! I’ve got not ONE but TWO amazing retreats in the pipeline for this year, so take a look below for a bit more info and find the one that fits you.

I know that saying no can feel scary. It’s taken a long time for me to get more comfortable with it and see the benefits of when I have said no, because it always means a get to say an even GREATER yes. 

Together we can overcome this fear and truly back ourselves to create the work and lives we want.

If you’re feeling ready to say more no and say the right yes- I’d love to chat to you about it! 

Let me know what you will be saying NO to this year by replying to this email.


Emma “Lovelly” Lovell