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Rest & Receive Retreat

12 - 17 November 2023
Kerala, India

Hosted by Emma Lovell

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Open the door to incredible opportunities on this all-inclusive, luxury retreat exclusively for leaders who are ready to attract the work and life they want!

Join us for 5 inspiring nights in Incredible India for the first ever International Rest & Receive Retreat - Kerala, November 2023. Disconnect your senses and immerse in this exotic culture while reconnecting with yourself. Share this luxurious experience with 12 amazing women, you'll form connections and memories to last a lifetime.

I live by the magic happening during the conversations, connections and the community and that is why this is a UNIQUE business RETREAT.

So often, business conferences/ trips/ events are focused so heavily on the content. The days are full to the brim with workshops, key notes and homework. It’s all about being in action when actually sometimes all that is needed is the space to truly focus on your business. It's the time away and the expansion that we get from being outside of our day to day that the work can really be done and personally, we can grow.

Rest means to recover, regenerate, reinvigorate and restore.

Receiving means to be open and to welcome opportunities.

It is by taking the time out to rest, and relax, that you will truly be able to receive all the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you. Those big dreams, those goals, that vision for the future - it’s going to happen because you’re investing in your self care.

You will gain so much more from these five days out of your office than you could ever achieve when you’re “in the business”. This is about the future, this is about investing in you, and this is about how you can then make an impact in your life and in your world.

The Rest & Receive Retreat is your chance to create the space you need to move your brand, your business, and your life forward.

Take Me Away

So what's included?

3 x nights accommodation

Luxurious accommodation at the incredible 5-star Fragrant Nature Kochi. Colonial in look, modern in design - this will be our stunning home for 3 fabulous nights.

2 x nights on a traditional houseboat

Spend two nights floating down the famous backwaters of Kerala on our luxury houseboat. Truly rest in the tranquility of this tropical treasure.

Breakfast buffet daily

Enjoy a delicious array of Indian and continental cuisines for breakfast at your leisure each day.

5 x lunches & dinners 

You have truly not tasted Indian food until you have tried it in India. Each meal we'll experience unique flavours with a diversity of spices you could only ever imagine. 

Cooking Class

Connect further with this incredible country and your fellow retreat attendees with a trip to culinary class. Learn skills that you can take home with you while immersing in the love language of this country, food!

5 x Workshops

5 powerful workshops where you can connect to who you are, get clear on your message and plan content that will help you show up and make an impact in the world.

90-minute Ayurvedic treatment

Experience the traditional healing of an ayurvedic treatment of your choosing. Using natural remedies and ancient techniques, you'll truly feel restored after this unique experience.

2 x 60min Strategic Coaching Calls

60-Minute Strategic Coaching Call with Emma Lovell, Personal Branding Coach, before and after the retreat to set your goals and then implement your actions!

Connection & Relationships

Five days of connection with amazing women who are leading in their world

Hot Seat

Share your challenges, obstacles and goals in this powerful session where your Personal Branding Coach Emma will directly address your questions and work through them with you!

1 Hour Yoga

Relax and unwind as you move your body in this guided class. Hosted at our gorgeous venue in the natural surrounds, this is your opportunity to centre and connect with yourself and the world around you.

Welcome Gift

Welcome Gift Bag with some fantastic goodies to enhance your experience and mementos to remember this precious time together.


Plenty of time and space to rest, connect and create! Whatever you choose - that’s what retreats are truly about.

Why India? 

You don’t see India. You don’t smell it, taste it, touch it or hear it. You feel it. India gets under your skin and enlivens the senses like no place I’ve ever known. India is hands down my favourite country in the world. Some of the most transformative experiences of my life have happened in India. It is part of me - and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

This land has given me opportunities I could only ever have dream of. 

MCing at an International conference, seeing a tiger in the wild with my own eyes, meeting travel partners, meeting friends who have become family, attending weddings, staying in palaces and even meeting a king!

A huge highlight was getting my first ever international article published in a magazine about an incredible story of acid attack survivors. Finding out in the very hotel that we will stay in that an article I had pitched would be accepted to an international publication was a dream come true. 

I know this magic awaits you too. That when you put your desires, your goals and your vision out into the universe, it will do all in its power to bring it to fruition. But you have to first get clear on what you want! That’s what we do here on the rest & receive retreat. 

We rest. We get clear. We ask for what we want and then … we can receive! 

I’ve met people from every walk of life, and been supported at all levels of society. It’s my time to give back to India and bring people to this incredible land to experience it for themselves.

I want to welcome you to this India that I know and love. To learn about her complexities, her strengths, her challenges and her uniqueness.

I’ve never felt more myself and more truly disconnected from everything I’ve ever known in India, and it’s been the best experience I could ask for. We must disconnect from the world we know in order to reconnect to who we truly are and to truly know ourselves. If you’re going to do that anywhere in the world, this is the place to do it.  

What you will get from attending the
Rest & Receive Retreat:


You will have clarity on your vision and your direction. Removing the overwhelm and having a clear focus path to move forward.


You will gain connections with the incredible women attending this retreat, who are also building their brand. The power of these connections will be felt long after this retreat


The confidence to show up as you are to share your story and to make the impact in the world that you are truly here to make.


You will also get rest, which is so important for all aspects of our lives. I can guarantee these three days will be restful and resetting for your next steps in life and in business.


You will receive opportunities that you can't even imagine simply by saying yes to this trip to this business retreat. By investing in yourself, the door will open and you will receive.

So what are you waiting for?

It is time to join us on the Rest & Receive Retreat to build your brand, grow your authority and attract the life and work that you truly want.

I want in!

Who is this for?

  • women who are ready to show up in their world, but most importantly for themselves.

  • leaders who want to remove the overwhelm, get clear on their message and start taking action.

  • incredible women who are willing to invest in themselves and to gift this to themselves.

  • women who are ready to receive.

  • adventurous spirits who want to experience the incredible hospitality of India

  • women who want to connect with the other awesome women who are doing all of the above.

Who's your host?

Meet Emma 

Hey there, I'm Emma “Lovelly” Lovell!

Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature. I truly live and love my brand and I want to help you do the same!

I’ve been running my business Lovelly Communications now for 13 years and I can tell you that I have experienced all of the above and it’s why I transformed into a Personal Branding Coach.

Through my programs, coaching, Live  & Love Your Brand podcast and retreats, my mission is to help women to show up and make an impact with integrity. I believe that when you gain more clarity, you can build your confidence and have greater connections in work and life.

“Rest & Receive” has become my mantra and I wanted to share it with you too. I’ve learnt over the past few years that the do, do, do way of working - the hustle - is just not working for me. Whenever I take time out, rest and slow down - the universe delivers the most amazing opportunities to me. So I wanted to create a space where my gorgeous clients, network and other amazing leaders could come together and do the same.

India is like a second homeland to me and I am so incredibly delighted to be hosting my first ever international retreat there. Athiti Devo Bhava is the unspoken motto of India and it means "guest is god". I believe so truly in the kindness, generosity and hospitality in India that I've experienced on my 11 visits over 17 years that I now have it tattooed on my arm. I cannot wait to welcome you to India and share its magic and charms with you.

A great all-in-one retreat with networking opportunities, chill time, brand photos and business clarity - win! Emma is a ball of positive energy and you can’t help but feel comfortable around her. Loved having the chance to bounce ideas off her and come away with clearer direction on where to go with my business.

Bec Haddad
- Content Creator

Rest & Receive retreat is a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded women who are on similar paths for self discovery. There is something about being in person in a safe space where sharing your dreams and hopes with a soundboard of other women is special. It was magical!

Leisha Major
- Change maker 

What's the plan?  

Over five fabulous days, we'll be taking time out from our work to disconnect from the world so we can reconnect to ourselves. While also exploring one of the most exotic corners of the world! There'll be plenty of time for rest and connection with the other amazing women who are attending - this is where the magic happens. But here's an idea of our itinerary created in partnership with the fabulous team at Indus Bound.


Remember this is a time for you! 

Please give yourself the full five days to truly get the most out of the experience. That means arriving to Fort Kochi in the morning of 12 November so that you can make the most of our first day together. It also means departing on the 17th for your next destination or home. Please discuss your travel arrangements with Emma to ensure you arrive and depart with the full time to experience this retreat at its best.

I highly suggest that you also put on a proper out of office before you come away. That means no meetings, no calls and no work to be completed. It's just one week out of your entire year and the gift is truly in the space that is created when we make this time. The private and secluded accomodation in the heart of nature will also enforce a little bit of disconnecting from the outside world, to ensure that you reconnect to yourself.

Take this time to switch off, to truly be present and to really receive the opportunities that this retreat has to offer. I promise you will be grateful for this precious time.

Unsure whether you should book in for this retreat? Then you need to be at this retreat. It’s the people asking that question who often need it the most. The Rest & Receive retreat allows you the space to open up, relax and reconnect with you. Loved the inclusion of the super awesome photo shoot which completes the experience.

Lesley Chambers
- Voice Casting Expert

I travelled in India with Emma in 2019 and it was an amazing experience. Not only is the country fascinating but Emma had taken care of the itinerary to ensure the group got to experience all highlights comfortably and safely. We supported local businesses and met local families no request was overlooked and every passenger was treated like royalty.

Danielle Phyland 
- Travel Writer & Content Creator


Want to know what you'll experience?

The first ever Rest & Receive Retreat was held on the Gold Coast, Queensland from 31 May - 2 June, 2022. Take a little look at what our gorgeous members experienced and what they had to say about working with Emma.

It is time for you to show up.

It is time for you to invest in yourself.

It is time for you to rest and receive.

I can't wait to see you there.